Bsplayer 1.01

Date 11/9/2004 11:08:52
Sujet : Logiciels

Bonjours a tous voila une nouvelle version de BSplayer celci est nommer 1.01, maintenant ou version payante ai sortie elle a été fait pour les professionnels amélioration de la résolution avec aussi un logiciel d'acquisition de tuner TV !!! Voila les mise a jour son dans la suite !!!

Téléchargement : BSplayer 1.01
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Version 1.01 :
- EQ preamp value is now remembered
- fixed bug with playlist when realative paths were used
- fixed problem with smooth scroll (BSplayer enabled it at start)
- fixed some problems with mpeg2 files
- fixed problem with aspect ratio when window was moved to other monitor
- fixed strange bug with playlist in Win 9x (explorer or any other program crashed when playlist was open)
- if subtitles were disabled, embeded subtitles were still loaded, fixed
- some workarounds for problem with Norton antivirus
- some other bug fixes
* autoplay option is now acting as in previous versions
* full screen skin can now be on top and bottom, also base skin have now full screen skin
+ added font smoothing option for subtitles
+ added 'boss' button function
+ added VMR9 renderless mode and subtitle support, subtitles are now supported with VMR 9
+ it's now possible to define every shortcut as global
+ added 'movie mode' function (M), it will put movie at top, subtitles at bottom and enable pan-scan as needed

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